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5 Halloween Events & Haunted Houses in Kansas City That Will Terrify


The leaves are turning shades of fiery red and dazzling gold. Hooray! It’s finally fall, which means apple-picking adventures, hayrides, and eight Kansas City Chiefs home games.

In addition to all these great Kansas City activities, fall brings the spooky fun of Halloween. Now is the time to find the creepiest, most twisted events that are certain to make your heart pound and knees shake. For all the thrill-seekers out there, we’ve branched out from talking about Chevy and compiled a list of Halloween events and haunted houses in Kansas City that will have you quaking in your boots.


  1. Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun gets a terrifying makeover for the Halloween season. A trip to Worlds of Fun in the fall means exciting thrill rides and the chilling experiences of the Halloween Haunt. The dark side of the park comes alive with spine-tingling mazes, horrifying shows, and blood-curdling scare zones.

One haunted maze is simply not enough, so Halloween Haunt offers guests eight chances to get lost among the most unimaginable monsters on the planet. Each maze has a different horrific theme, from the cursed bayou surrounding an old mansion to the alleys of Victorian London where Jack the Ripper runs loose.

Three frightening shows will make you think twice about venturing out into the darkness of the surrounding park. “Overlord’s Awakening” unleashes the Overlord’s ghoulish minions into the night while the “Skeleton Crew” creates a ghastly display of acrobatic feats. Check out “Haunted Homecoming” if you want to enjoy a bit of live music before heading out for more chills and thrills.

Scare zones are located throughout the park and monsters lurk everywhere–sometimes where you least expect them. Watch out for insane clowns pulling repulsive pranks and angry witches with fearsome flying monkeys. You might run into an undead gunslinger with a score to settle or a grotesque goblin who loves human flesh.

  1. The Beast

This haunted house is not for the faint of heart.

The innovative, engaging experience immerses guests in the story. Once you step inside The Beast, you become a part of the unfolding nightmare without even realizing it’s happening. You might be walking through the fog-laden Werewolf Forest with your friends when you suddenly find yourself alone. The thick fog distorts your vision, and you hear an eerie howling that’s too close for comfort. You’re left there to wander, alone, until you find your way out–IF you find your way out…

Maybe you made it through the Werewolf Forest unscathed, but that’s not the only obstacle waiting for you. You’ll still need to walk through a maze where bloodthirsty monsters wait around every corner. Thunder booms, lightning blazes, and eventually you find yourself in the cobbled streets of London where the Ripper might be searching for his next victim. Had enough? Getting out isn’t a piece of cake either–you’ll need to brave the hair-raising, four-story slide if you want to leave.

  1. Ghost Tours at John Wornall House Museum

The historic John Wornall House is the perfect place to embark on a good old-fashioned ghost tour. While these tours might not put you in the grips of terror like a staged haunted house, it’s still pretty creepy to explore a place with documented supernatural encounters. You’ll learn about Civil War soldiers who died an untimely death on the grounds and see presentations about real ghost sightings at the house.

The John Wornall House also offers an exciting paranormal investigation for those looking to get even closer to the other side. The after-hours event features real ghost-hunting equipment and provides a more in-depth look at the ghosts and paranormal history associated with the property.

  1. Macabre Cinema

If you love classic horror films, then Macabre Cinema is the place for you this Halloween.

This haunted experience brings you into the films that make your palms sweat and your skin crawl. You won’t be able to hide under a blanket on the safe confines of your couch anymore. As you make your way through four floors of intense movie scenes, you might come face-to-face with the slash-happy Freddy Krueger or the twisted murderer, Jigsaw. You might even run into good old Chucky–you’re not going to like his idea of play time.

  1. The Edge of Hell

Tamer than The Beast, The Edge of Hell haunted house relies more on sensory deprivation than a chilling atmosphere. A pitch-black maze imparts a panicky terror on most visitors as they must feel the walls to find their way out. The fact that zombies lurk in that dark maze certainly doesn’t help your racing heart!

The Edge of Hell is Kansas City’s oldest haunted house attraction. The five floors that make up this experience are constantly evolving, adding new technology and innovative scares every year to keep guests on their toes. Other areas include spinning walls and flashing lights that create a dizzy feeling which makes it difficult to avoid the many macabre monsters.


Spooky-Good Deals on New Chevy Models

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Happy Halloween!



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