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Lee’s Summit Roadwork Emphasizes the Importance of Driver-Assist Technology


As some of you may know, the powers that be decided to put Woods Chapel Road on a “road diet.” Left-turn lanes are being created. Traffic signals will be installed. Bike, eastbound, and westbound lanes should extend through to Lakewood Loop. In turning Woods Chapel into a three-lane street, the city hopes to “improve safety for all road users.”

In the meantime, however, the ongoing construction has frequently been maddening, forcing drivers to seek alternative routes lest they want cartoonish smoke billowing from their ears. If only they had modern driver-assist features to combat the construction-related road rage. Here’s how Chevy’s Safety features help in that department.


Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking

When you’re traveling at road-construction speeds—under 37 or 50 mph, depending on Chevrolet model—your Chevy will monitor front traffic and detect any front-end collisions. If a crash is imminent, the Low-Speed Automatic Braking system will engage, automatically applying the brakes to prevent or reduce the severity of the accident. It can literally save lives, especially those of road workers.

This Chevy driver-assist feature is available on most 2018 and 2019 Chevrolet models, including the popular Traverse SUV and Malibu sedan.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Even with shiny yellow vests, road workers can be difficult to spot. Each year, more than 100 roadway construction workers are killed on the job. To reduce these incidences, Chevy has made its Front Pedestrian Braking system available on most new models. Like the Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking feature, should you fail to apply the brakes, Front Pedestrian Braking engages itself when it detects a pedestrian in its pathway.

Safety Alert Seat

Available on most new Chevy models, including the Equinox, the Safety Alert Seat will vibrate on the left or right cushion (or both sides) to warn you when a potential crash is coming. It works with crash-avoidance features like Lane Keep Assist and Forward Collision Alert to keep you secure, even when you’re not 100% focused on the road. (Get focused!)

Adaptive Cruise Control

We all like cruise control, but wait until you drive a car with adaptive cruise control! Available on models like the Malibu, Adaptive Cruise Control-Advanced maintains both your set speed and the distance between the vehicle in front of you. When traffic slows down, so too does your Chevy—automatically. ACC-Advanced also brakes your car for you.


OnStar Safety

An OnStar Advisor always has your back when you opt to buy a Chevy with the full OnStar Safety & Security Plan. Here’s how it provides peace of mind:

  • Automatic Crash Response – Sensors alert OnStar when your Chevy’s airbags deploy after a crash. Advisors will notify EMTs and police before checking in on you.
  • Injury Severity Prediction – OnStar uses a unique algorithm to predict how severe a crash is and how likely passengers are to be injured. This information is provided to first responders.
  • Crisis Assist – Re-routing assistance and special resources may be available if you’re stuck in severe weather or roadwork-related traffic. OnStar can even contact family members for you.
  • Emergency Services – Advisors are on-call to receive priority requests for emergency services or medical help.
  • Roadside Assistance – Get quick roadside assistance to replace flat tires, fill up on gas, tow you out of a ditch, or more.

Rear Camera Mirror

Flip between a standard rearview mirror and a high-definition video screen that provides you with a wider and unobstructed view of behind your Chevy.

Side Blind Zone Alert

Working in tandem with Lane Change Alert, Blind Zone Alert alerts you to vehicles that may potentially be hidden on the side of your car. Who knew a visible warning on the side-view mirror could be so useful?


Call Me Out Phone Alert

A new Android app designed by GM, Call Me Out alerts are part of the next phase of the anti-texting initiative. Friends and family will leave a “callout” message on your device or account; if you pick up your phone while driving, the message will play, shaming you to put it down.

Intellibeam Headlamps

When traveling through road work zones at night, Chevy’s Intellibeam Headlamps are essential. They automatically switch on the high-beams when there are no other vehicles on the road, then reverts them back to low-beams when another set of headlights or taillights are visible. Keep your focus on the road, not whether you’re blinding people.


Get to Know the Newest Chevy Driver-Assist Features

With an incredible array of driver-assist and safety features available in the newest models, driving a Chevrolet is simply the smartest thing you could do, regardless of your disdain for roadwork. Visit our Lee’s Summit Chevy dealership at 945 SE Oldham Parkway or give us a ring at 816-356-6610 to schedule a test drive. Our Chevy sales team would be glad to assist you in finding the perfect new SUV, car, truck, or van.

And for more updates on Lee’s Summit roadwork, visit Stay safe!


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