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The Best Kansas City Spots for a Family Picnic


Are you planning on celebrating National Picnic Month in Kansas City? You should. Whether you just want to pack your Chevy SUV with a great lunch and mountain bikes, or you’re searching for a Missouri park with fun things for the kids to do, consider us the Boo-Boo to your Yogi Bear. Here are some of the top picnic hotspots near Kansas City.

Family Picnic

Step Outside Kansas City & Enjoy an Alternate Picnic Spot

Step outside of KC and enjoy a full day at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, just miles away from our Lee’s Summit Chevy dealership. At this spectacular, 3,084-acre park, you can enjoy a peaceful picnic with your family, fish at one of the twelve lakes, take advantage of the numerous horseback and hiking trails, or simply enjoy the day bird-watching. No matter what your day’s plans may be, this is an ideal picnicking location.

If James A. Reed seems like too much ground to cover, or you are looking for something a bit more intimate, head over to Lowenstein Park and enjoy a quiet afternoon watching the butterflies at the Children’s Memorial Butterfly Garden. Then spend some time at one of the three sheltered picnic areas to scarf down your picnic lunch. After everyone has full tummies, let the kids take advantage of the playground while you relax and enjoy a good book.

Great Picnicking Areas in Kansas City

You might be surprised by the various picnic locations in Kansas City that are specifically designed for locals and tourists. One of the best ways to combine your love of the outdoors, history, and culture is to head over to the National WWI Museum and Memorial grounds. You can take in the spectacular view while eating your lunch. Afterward, move indoors and learn more about the history of the First World War.

Your children will love the opportunity to crawl through the Polar Bear Passage and skip around Helzberg Penguin Plaza at the Kansas City Zoo. Kids will have a blast interacting with the various wildlife here, and Mom and Dad can simply pop open the liftgate of their Chevrolet Equinox once the lunch bell rings, then drag the cooler to one of the zoo’s dedicated outdoor eating areas.

Don’t Overlook a Blue Springs Picnic!

Pack your Chevy crossover with all the picnicking necessities, then take the short drive from Kansas City to Baumgardner Park, the perfect spot in Blue Springs for a July picnic. The kids can start the day by jumping and splashing at the playground and swimming pool, which is just about the ideal start to a perfect picnic lunch. Once lunch is over, you can engage in some fun sports like tennis, volleyball, and horseshoes.

Celebrate Picnic Month in Independence

If your family loves to skate, plan a fun afternoon at Independence’s Skate Park and Water Playgrounds. Everyone can hone their skating skills or simply cool off at one of the splash pads, which features waterplay structures, misting sprays, and more.

Picnicking Tips from McCarthy Chevy Lee’s Summit

We enjoy picnicking as much as the next person. To ensure you also make the most of National Picnic Month, here are a few little tips to help you plan:

  • First, make sure you are packing foods in an airtight cooler, with icepacks, to prevent them from spoiling.
  • Bring all the fun stuff, like bikes, fishing equipment, and skates.
  • If you seek out adventure on the trails, let us order and install a bike rack on your Chevrolet SUV, car or van.
  • Do not forget to pack towels if you are heading to an area where the children may get wet!
  • Be safe and carry a change of clothes, particularly for the little ones.
  • Have a first-aid kit handy, just in case.
  • Use recyclable or reusable utensils, plates, and cups.
  • Bring the wet wipes – they’re mighty useful.
  • If you don’t plan on renting a pavilion at the park, consider bringing something that can be used as a makeshift tabletop.
  • Don’t forget the blanket.
  • Add a cargo management solution to your trunk or cargo area.

We hope you enjoy the warm Kansas City weather and have fun this July! If you need assistance getting the right Chevrolet accessories ordered and installed prior to your picnic extravaganza, reach out to our Lee’s Summit Chevy parts store. We’ll be glad to help you pick out and install the perfect add-on for your Chevy model. Contact us at 816-356-6610 to get started and ask about our current Chevrolet parts specials.



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